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Private classes

I find it very rewarding to work with one or two persons, this gives me a chance to focus my teaching on techniques designing and the use of different materials this also helps me to attend to different needs of my students.


“I love to share my ideas and experiences I have acquired during my travels around the globe.”



One day: €65 exclusive materials. Includes light lunch and coffee.

A day course is suitable for experienced felters or beginners who  want to learn how to make very high quality felt.


Day out with friends: €45 inclusive materials for a shawl or wall decoration. Minimum 4 persons.



Charity gives workshops for making fashionable and creative fashion. The focus is on teaching designing and making of a one-piece nuno-felted garment.

Students learn to work with a very simple, but effective pattern, that will eventually help them develop their own fashion ideas.


Cost: 3 days class €300 exclusive materials or €350 inclusive hand dyed silk and wool. 4m silk and 350g fine Merino.


2 days class: €250 inclusive materials suitable for dress felting. (5m silk and 300g very fine merino): exclusive decorating materials.


1 day class: €100 for garments exclusive materials.


Yearly classes: 10x €350. Max 3 persons and minimum 2 persons


Half day from 10-13:30uur. This is for those who wants to learn how to felt with different techniques and use of different types of wool. You will get a lot of personal attention to help you develop your felt skills as this will be in small groups.


Charity has taught classes in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact sharit if you interested in hosting a class.


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