A Mask for a Mask Project.  

Giving Back During the covid19 

How did the project start? 


With the fight against the Covid-19 Mask wearing has become very important in the fight against the spread of the Corona virus. 

We believe everyone deserve a chance to be protected, especially those at risk and who cannot afford or have no access.  That is why

I decided to start my project by producing the masks in my atelier using my collection of African fabrics which I collected during my travels in Africa. They are made to order and sold here to enable me to raise funds for setting up a mask producing project within Zambia. There the masks are distributed to those who are at risk and can’t afford to buy or make one. Hence our slogan “A Mask for a Mask”

I have already started to teach the ladies in a small atelier in Zambia how to make high quality masks. Currently they are working extremely hard to produce the masks locally.

To order please fill in the contact form with the preferred colours and number of masks. the masks cost €7,50 each. excluding postage.

What does it actually mean when you order a mask?

For every mask you buy we are able to produce 5 masks to give to the people in Mansa, Zambia. Giving a mask to people, especially those in crowded places like indoor markets or churches, will help in the prevention of the Covid-19 in Zambia 


Cost €7,50 



1. Organic cotton straight mask.
2. Black straight €7.50
3 Green forest €7.50
Fitted Mask green.
4 Red blue €7.50
shaped mask
5 Black/Pink shaped.
6 Red /black €7.50
7 Black shaped. €7.50
8 sea blue.€7.50
9 Shaped mask.€7.50
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During this coronavirus pandemic I happen to be home in my studio, I have decided to produce cloth face coverings for the public to help minimise the spread of the virus.

The Masks are in two designs in a white organic cotton or African print cotton.

both can be washed at 90 degrees. Cloth masks can still aid in stopping the spread of the virus.

The money raised will go towards the mask for a mask project in Zambia

For more information and prices fill in the contact form

8 sea blue.€7.50